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Pet Behavioral Counseling Town and Country Veterinary Hospital in Winchester, TN

Learn more about the Pet Behavioral Counseling services we offer at Town & Country Veterinary Hospital.

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Pet Behavioral Counseling

Pet Behavioral Counseling

It’s critical to screen out any underlying medical conditions if your pet displays unusual and/or alarming behavior. For instance, a cat that defecates outside the litter box can have a urinary tract infection. If your dog doesn’t sleep through the night, it may have arthritis. All behavioral evaluations at Town and Country Veterinary Hospital start with a physical exam, screens, and laboratory testing, which may include a complete blood count, serum chemical profile, thyroid screening, and urinalysis to rule out any potential underlying health issues first. Depending on your pet’s symptoms and general health, we will advise one or more tests. We will discuss your pet’s treatment choices if a medical condition is found.